We offer 2 different options to reach Venice city and other destinations from Marco Polo Airport.

  1. COMBINED SERVICE: DIRECT CAR to Piazzale Roma + WATER TAXI to your destination
    This option at the moment is currently on promotion and is the most economical and convenient because it allows you to travel from the airport, where you will be welcomed by a driver at the arrivals exit with a sign with your name on it, and he will take you to the private car to go as far as Piazzale Roma, the last and most convenient connection point between land and water. In fact, here you will find one of our boats already booked for you that will be delighted to take you to your destination in the city.
  2. TAXI DIRECT from the airport to Venice or other destinations reachable by water.
    The water taxi will wait for you at the dock. To reach it follow the light blue wayfinding for “Water Transport” and reach the 1st floor of the Terminal. Here you’ll find the Moving Walkway, an elevated pedestrian path with moving carpets, that will lead you to the dock.  The trip to the city center takes about twenty-five minutes and weather conditions may affect the quality of the trip. In this regard, we suggest that you check the conditions explained in the appropriate question.

When you book the service we require you to fill in the spaces provided whit your flight or train number so that we can monitored the arrival or any delays and coordinate the different transportation services.

In general for departures, the guest should always call 15 minutes in advance the number of our h24 switchboard to find out the number of the boat and the name of the driver: +39 3451879941

Per eventuali disagi o ritardi vi invitiamo a contattarci al più presto per riprogrammare il servizio senza costi aggiuntivi.

For any inconveniences or delays please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule the service at no additional cost. In case of delay the first 10minutes are guaranteed and free, after that every 10 minutes will be charged 10€
For NO SHOW or lastminute cancellation the full cost will be charged.


Each boat carries up to 4 people and 6 pieces of luggage, maximum size 10 packages.

Each extra person is 10€ up to a maximum of 8 people. In general, we consider 2 luggage more than each passenger, each extra luggage is 5€


Please be advised that from 22:00 to 07:00 night rate will be charged is 20€ additional


A 20€ surcharge will be applied for hotels located within the inner canals.
This comes from the traffic that is higher due to the passage of gondolas and private boats, making an important addition of time on the journey.
In case you are not sure of the exact location of your hotel please contact the office by sending an email to be sure or ask directly to the boat driver who will be able to inform you of the possible price addition. 

We are also pleased to inform you that each ride can be customized by the client. In case you would like more than one detour within a standard route, we kindly ask you to forward an email to info@bookvenicetaxi.com to find out the price of the detour and notify the different drivers of the request.


We apply a 5% discount to all customers who purchase a return from now on at the time of the first booking. The COMBINED CAR package direct to Piazzale Roma + WATER TAXI to your destination remains discounted at a super favorable price of €110 total and is not cumulative to the 5% discount because it is already discounted.


When booking, check the option “Detour via Grand Canal” if you want to make your arrival in the city even more special so you are sure to admire one of the world’s unique cities from the water. The cost of the detour is 50€.


In bad weather conditions such as wind with strong knots; fog; rough sea; municipal ordinances and other causes, the service is guaranteed with the COMBINED CAR via Piazzale Roma + WATER TAXI mode (or vice versa) because for safety reasons of both passengers and boats we do not sail to and from the airport. We also specify that no discounts will be applied, but the customer will pay the price of the service they chose at the time of initial booking and not the one on promotion on the site “COMBINED CAR via Piazzale Roma + TAXI


With the Meet and Greet service you will be greeted with a sign with your name on it at the arrivals hall of Venice Marco Polo Airport by our staff who will be delighted to guide you to the private water taxi to arrive at your destination in Venice. The cost of this service is €90.
For the Full Assistance service, our staff will be pleased to guide you from arrivals to your destination. Always provided with a sign with your name on it. The cost of the service is 110€